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Recompiled is technology plus software plus history.
Technology + Software + History

It was only a few years ago that the big technology companies were viewed as the ones that were doing good. They were organizing the world’s information and connecting everyone on the planet. The narrative has changed and now they appear to be the baddies. They are accused of ripping apart our society, destroying jobs across industries, and even hurting democracy.

This technology isn’t going away and it will continue to evolve and touch every aspect of our lives. We need to understand how technology (in particular software) got to where it is, where it is going, and how it will continue to change us.

This tech backlash provides the perfect opportunity for introspection and especially retrospection of these issues.

Recompiled is my attempt to look at this at a deeper level. I will look at technology, software, history, and everything in between to figure out what is happening.

Recompiled will be different than all the other technology sites out there in that it will look at things from a software engineer’s perspective. There is a lot of insight that can be gained by understanding how software is engineered and how the industry pieces all fit together. Recompiled will also look backwards through the archives before it looks forward.

Here are a few of the ideas that I will be exploring and writing about soon:

  • History of how software has been distributed and how that affects its nature
  • What can the automobile revolution teach us about the information revolution?
  • Any interesting historical stories, ideas, and people that I come across
  • How has the life of a software developer changed over the years?

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