About Recompiled

Recompiled looks at technology, software, and history to provide analysis on what is happening today. It recompiles all this information from the archives to look at technology at a deeper level.

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About Josh

Recompiled is a project by me, Josh Davis.

I’m a software engineer that has always had a passion for technology, software engineering, and the past. Recompiled is a project that allows me to bring all of those together into something unique.

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Josh Davis
Photo by Quinn Russell Brown / Quinn's Instagram


You can contact me on Twitter. For email, you can email me directly.

Special Thanks

I want to give a special thanks to a few people that helped with Recompiled:

  • Quinn Russell Brown is a brilliant photographer. He took many photos you see or will see used on the site. He also was a great help creatively.
  • Daniel O’Connor is a pixel art magician. He designed the look and feel of the diagrams and came up with the color palette of the pixel art you see on the site.